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   The Hebei Journal of Industrial Science and Technology, a bimonthly comprehensive technical journal, is hosted by Hebei University of Science and Technology and open published worldwide. The CN Serial Number of the Journal is CN13-1226/TM, and the International Standard Serial Number is ISSN1008-1534. The Journal has a Post Issue Number of 18-327, and can be subscribed from postal offices national wide.
   The Hebei Journal of Industrial Science and Technology is one of the source journals of Chinese Science Citation Database, and is part of China Academic Journals (CD Edition). The Journal is also the source journal of several search journals and database such as Chemical Abstracts (CA), Abstract Journal of Russia (PЖ), INSPEC Database of Science Abstracts (SA), and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. The Journal is also listed in Chinese Core Periodicals of Science and Technology and Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journals of Hebei Province. As reported by Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors (Natural Science) in 2014, the Journal has a compound impact factor (JIF) of 0.701, and ranks 65 out of 403 science and technology journals.
   The Hebei Journal of Industrial Science and Technology focuses on applications, technology, reviews and information on several disciplines such as Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science and Technology, Industrial analysis and etc.