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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of ClickCopy
20130401 申淑锋博士简介 本刊编辑部 2013,30(4):216-216 2143
20050116 Development of polyvinyl alcohol in medical tr eatment DU Jia-ying,SHANG Hui-jian,XU Bao-yun and ZHENG Xue-ming 2005,22(1):52-54 1921
k201402f2 袁再健博士简介 学报编辑部,学科建设办公室,经济管理学院 2014,31(2):-封二 1787
20050605 Analysis of comprehensive assessment of the technology for medium and small municipal wastewater treatment SHAO Li-rong,FENG Su-min and YANG Jing-liang 2005,22(6):331-333 1744
20130503 基于ANSYS Workbench的风力机流固耦合分析 ZHOU Haidong,ZHANG Yanwei,WANG Bochao and PANG Wei 2013,30(5):314-318 1698
20130112 Simulation of Fuzzy-PID control of semi-active suspension based on Matlab\Simulink HAO Lihong,WANG Zhiteng,CHEN Hong 2013,30(1):42-46 1593
20130501 安兴涛博士简介 2013,30(5):306-306 1553
k201404014 Improvement and implementation of Hadoop cluster rendering system based on deferred lighting algorithm ZHANG Ting 2014,31(4):337-341 1507
k201401008 Research on the impact of supply chain relationship capital on innovation performance: MA Shanshan,LIU Wei and ZHANG Huiying 2014,31(1):32-38 1464
k201306010 Design of the test bench of vehicle with four doors and two covers SUO Qian,ZHU Tianjun,KONG Xianwei and JIA Jilong 2013,30(6):445-448 1416
20050115 Development of vinyl acetate by carbonylat ion XU Bao-yun,SHANG Hui-jian,DU Jia-ying and ZHENG Xue-ming 2005,22(1):48-51 1377
20130115 Optimization of fermentation condition of recombinant Escherichia coli producing thermostable β-glucosidase LU Nan,FENG Huiyong,WANG Lihui 2013,30(1):54-59 1307
20050618 Dispose the virtual private network in detail under Windows 2000 ZHANG Yan and XU Yun-feng 2005,22(6):377-379,387 1305
20050104 Development of safety MIS based on the C/ S and B/ S mixed model CHEN Jun-xia,LIU Quan-le and CHEN Yu-zeng 2005,22(1):11-13 1297
20130305 基于状态空间模型的脑电去伪迹与节律提取 HUANG Limin,HAO Chongqing and LI Bin 2013,30(3):147-151 1291
20130109 Experimental research of anchor group effect in post-embedding technology by inorganic anchoring material LIANG Yuguo,LU Xiaolin,SONG Lijuan 2013,30(1):31-34 1284
20130111 Study of bank conflict in GPU programming model YUAN Jianwei,LI Aiguo,LI Wenyu 2013,30(1):39-41,46 1259
20130304 基于预测模糊的供暖系统控制算法研究 ZHANG Suying,QI Xuelian,GUO Huicong and HE Yuan 2013,30(3):143-146 1259
20050606 Implementing and application of the Singleton pattern in VB ZHENG Yi-lin and WANG Ding 2005,22(6):334-336,339 1246
20130104 Research of purification of metallurgical silicon by acid pickling in hydrothermal reaction vessel LI Jin,GAO Mangmang,JIA Fei,YANG Cui,ZHANG Hongyan 2013,30(1):6-9 1243