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赵梓瑜,尹洪军,王 磊.垂直裂缝井椭圆流模型在F油田的应用[J].河北工业科技,2017,34(4):265-269
Application of vertical fractured well’s elliptical flow model in F oilfield
Received:May 20, 2017  Revised:June 15, 2017
中文关键词:  渗流力学  垂直裂缝井  密井网  试井解释  椭圆流  地层压力
英文关键词:mechanics of flow through porous media  vertical fractured well  dense well pattern  well test interpretation  elliptic flow  formation pressure
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ZHAO Ziyu College of Petroleum Engineering Northeast Petroleum University Daqing  
YIN Hongjun College of Petroleum Engineering Northeast Petroleum University Daqing yinhj7176@126.com 
WANG Lei No.2 Oil Production Plant Daqing Oil Field Company Daqing  
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      为了确定适合于F油田目前密井网生产条件的试井解释方法,统计分析了F油田的历年试井资料,总结试井曲线规律,根据试井资料曲线特征最终确定垂直裂缝井椭圆流模型适合该油田开发现状,并且给出了考虑注采比的密井网条件地层压力计算方法。以F油田A井为例,对该井关井162 h进行分析,实测曲线反映出了双线性流阶段,解释出的参数和计算出的地层压力与油井符合度较高。研究结果对F油田具有一定的实用性,可以为F油田制定下一步开发方案提供科学依据。
      In order to determine the well test interpretation method of dense well pattern which is applied to F oilfield, the well test data of F oilfield is counted and analyzed, and well test curve law is summarized. According to the curve characteristics of well test data, the ellipse flow model of vertical fractured well is determined, which is suitable for the development of the oilfield. Then, the calculation method of formation pressure for dense well pattern considering injection production ratio is given. Taking well A, F oilfield as example, it is analyzed after close for 162 h. The measured curve reflects double line flow stage, and the obtained parameters and calculated ground pressure better match with the well. It has a certain practicability to the F oilfield, and can provide a scientific basis for making the next development of F oilfield.
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