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刘成刚,鞠 富,李翠薇,武志勇,郝素斌,于秀霞,谭建波.水含量对162型中温蜡成型质量的影响[J].河北工业科技,2017,34(4):294-299
Effect of moisture content on forming quality of 162 medium-temperature wax
Received:April 06, 2017  Revised:May 27, 2017
中文关键词:  铸造工艺与设备  熔模铸造  中温蜡料  蜡料回收再生  水分含量  成型质量
英文关键词:casting process and equipment  investment casting  medium-temperature wax  wax recycle  water content  molding quality
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LIU Chenggang Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
JU Fu Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
LI Cuiwei Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
WU Zhiyong Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
HAO Subin Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
YU Xiuxia Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Company LimitedShijiazhuang  
TAN Jianbo School of Materials Science and Engineering Hebei University of Science and Technology Shijiazhuang tanjian1998@163.com 
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      The traditional process of wax processing adopts static settling method, and wax material often occurs with a concave, flow lines, apparent bubbles, and the difficulty in cleaning the pasted knife and wax crumbs during trimming of the wax, which seriously affects the quality of the product. In order to solve these problems, the effect of moisture content on the synthetic properties of waxes and the forming quality of wax materials are studied by using the 162 medium-temperature wax. The result shows that as the water content increases, the surface quality of the wax tends to increase and the wax is full. When wax material moisture content is controlled between 4%~7%, wax line contraction, sag and surface flow lines are not so apparent, the comprehensive usability is good, wax doesn't stick on the knife during trimming of the wax, and wax crumbs are easy to clean. The results show that the water content of the wax can be controlled and monitored by the method of observing color through making standard sample for comparison. This method is simple, convenient and feasible, and can be used in the monitoring of moisture content in wax production.
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