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Foundry technology flaws in expendable casting of transmission cases
Received:March 01, 2017  Revised:March 29, 2017
中文关键词:  铸造工艺与设备  消失模铸造  传动箱体  缺陷  模型
英文关键词:casting process and equipment  expendable casting  transmission cases  flaw  model
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ZHANG Jiajun Hebei Rui'ou EPC Technology Company Limited Xingtai  
ZHAO Qingzhen Hebei Rui'ou EPC Technology Company Limited Xingtai  
GUO Honggang Great Wall Motor Company Limited Baoding  
TAN Jianbo School of Materials Science and Engineering Hebei University of Science and Technology Shijiazhuang tanjian1998@163.com 
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      In order to solve problems in expendable casting of transmission cases, such as complicate casting structure, easy transformation of the upper opening, small processing amount, difficult design and manufacture, likely causing waste and so on, starting from the preparation process of casting model, the reason that model waste appears is analyzed according to casting structure characteristics. The design of the gating system and the modeling process are studied for improvement, and solutions for the problems in casting process, such as cold lap flaw, moisture cold lap flaw, casting swell, coating slag inclusion, flow gate slag inclusion, mud strip slag inclusion, flow gate clogging, hardwood strip clogging and so on, are provided. The actual expendable casting product yield rate is more than 95%. The study provides a reference for the preparation of transmission cases with expendable casting and other products alike, and a reference for evanescent mode casting.
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