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The Journal mainly focuses on applications, technology, reviews and information on several disciplines such as Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science and Technology, Industrial analysis and etc.
1. Requirement
Writing in the following sequence:
    1.) Title (no more than 20 words)
2.) Author(s)’ name
3.) Author(s)’ affiliation
4.) Abstract
5.) Keywords (3-8 words)
6.) Chinese Library Classification Number, Document Code
7.) English title, author(s)’ name, author(s)’ affiliation, abstract and keywords
8.) Main body of paper
9.) Reference
10.) Foundation or project’s name and serial number. Introduction of the first author, including name, date of birth, gender, nationality, place of birth, academic position, qualification, research interest, and corresponding address, telephone and e-mail etc.
2. Abstract
Briefly describe the purpose of the research, methodology, and achievement, do not include self-evaluation. The length is 100-300 words.
[Please refer to the following link on how to write an abstract: http://xuebao.depart.hebust.edu.cn/message/zhaiyaozhuanxie.htm]
3. Graph and Table
Keep concise and proper size. Include title in Chinese and English. Using Song Font 6 and smooth curve and making main and subsidiary line clear, using three line tables as possible.
4. Reference
Please use the following format for the reference, mark the reference in order in the main body of paper. Chinese reference must have corresponding English one, and do not cite unpublished materials. The Journal requires no less than 15 references and the format is as follow:
a. Monograph [M], Collection [C], Dissertation [D], Report [R]
    [No.] author(s). title [type]. place of publishing: publisher, date. Page range.
note: [type] means if the materials is monograph(book) use [M], if it is collection use [C] and so on.
b. Journal [J]
    [No.] author(s). title [J]. journal name, year, volume(no.): page range.
c. Contribution of Collection [A]
    [No.] Contribution’s author(s). Contribution’s title [A]. Collection’s author(s). Collection’s title [C]. Place of publishing: publisher, year, page range.
d. Newspaper [N]
    [No.] author. title [N]. newspaper’s name, date (edition).
e. Standard [S]
    [No.] standard number. title [S].
f. Patent [P]
    [No.] patent holder(s). title [P]. country: patent number, date.
g. Electronic or on-line materials [EB/OL]
    [No.] author(s). title [type]. electronic materials source or link, publishing date or citation date
note: 1) Using surname in front of given name for foreigners, capital letter for the surname and capital initial of given name.
         2) If the author is not more than 3 people, list them all, otherwise list the first three authors and add “et al”.
         3) Using Pinyin for Chinese name and use capital letter for surname and the first letter of given name, for example “XU Jianli”.
5. Agreement between author(s) and the Editorial Department of Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology
   1) The author(s) guarantee no duplicate submission of the paper, self-responsibility, and the paper does not contain any confidential information, and has no plagiarism or illegal copy.
   2) The submission result will be given within 30 working days whether it is accepted or not. The paper draft will not return to the author, please keep the backup draft.
   3) The Editorial Department has the right to properly modify the paper draft.
   4) After acceptance, the author(s) should sign the Copyright Transfer Confirmation with the Editorial Department of Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology.
   5) After publishing, the Editorial Department will pay the author(s) (for no more than 6000 words according to the relevant regulation) and mail two copies to the author.
   6) The agreement will be effective immediately after the paper is published.
               Editorial Department of Hebei Journal of Industrial Science and Technology